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Throughout my life, I've found immense benefit in the intimate conversations I have with the various people in my life.


From connecting with new friends in a parking lot after a large event, to deep debates with individuals in long car rides, I've found that some of the largest growth I've had spiritually, philosophically, and emotionally has come from just opening up to someone.

I love understanding how people think, why they do what they do, and gaining insight into what makes them the unique individual they are.


I find that, deep down, we are all drawn towards CREATION in some form. We are all HUMAN and the defining characteristic of BEING human is our intrinsic interest in ART.

The great thing about ART, is that you don't need anything to have it and create it. It is part of our soul. Art is the operating system we run on. Art is our life. Art is god.


As the famous philosopher, Descartes, once argued: "Cogito, Ergo Sum", or "I can think, therefore I know I exist". I submit this extension to his reasoning, "I exist, therefore, I have Art. I have Art, therefore I am not BROKE


As a young boy with humble beginnings, I still understood I was privileged with respect to many people because I found Art at a young age.


I MET GOD and it showed me true salvation and meaning.


I was a BROKE BOY, but I was not without wealth.

I have a hypothesis that everyone is an ARTIST whether they recognize it or not. As humans, Art is what makes us FEEL. It connects us. It causes us to build the personalities we have. It is the MEANING OF LIFE.

I started this project as a way for me to continue along my path of learning, connecting, and discovering the amazing people and ideas in the world, all while documenting the journey for our posterity and testing my hypothesis.

I hope you can gain something from my JOURNEY.


Please join these Broke Boys!


Kurt is a broke degenerate hooligan that enjoys documenting conversations about being a Bboy, Breakin', Hip Hop, Dance, Art, Music, Creativity, Innovation, and the slow subtle crumble of society. He has been a painter for most of his life and a bboy for almost 20 years. He grew up in Sacramento, CA representing 2nd Nature Crew, and has has taken an interest in studying the intersection of Art, Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, Engineering, and Psychology. He is responsible for the high quality garbage of this podcast coagulating into it's tangible and consumable form you see today.


Livic is from Turlock, CA representing H.I.T Squad and the Central Valley. He is a master of movement with an artistic mind. He is also responsible for the high quality garbage we post in Instagram.

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